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about Telegram

Telegram delivers  dispatches  briskly than any other  operation. important. Telegram has no limits on the size of  your media and  exchanges.  Telegram Messenger is a encyclopedically accessible freemium,  cross-platform, translated,  pall- grounded and  consolidated  instant messaging service.

 Why is Telegram  notorious for?

The program was created in 2013 by sisters( Pavel and  Nicolai Durov) as an indispensable way to communicate  outside WhatsApp. This is how you can  shoot from   dispatches,  videotape  lines, voice notes and much  further using its  own  pall.

For what Telegram is used for?

Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and  Securityy, simple and free. You can use  Telegram on all your  bias at the same time your   dispatches sync, seamlessly across any number of your  phones, tablets or computers.

Can I use Telegram without app?

Member telegram is available across all major, platforms and works  on the stylish Android phones. But you do not always need an  app to use the messaging service. You can use Telegram  from any web cybersurfer.

How does Telegram make  plutocrat?

Funding  therefore far comes  intimately from Pavel Durov. It  has stated that it would turn to  stoner donations, or a  freemium model, to raise  profit if necessary.

Is Telegram safer than WhatsApp?

still, just because Telegram has a more  secure  character than WhatsApp, that does not mean your   dispatches are automatically  defended. End- to- end  encryption is  pivotal to keeping your  dispatches private, and  this is a  position of protection that Telegram only offers, in  specific areas of its app.

Is Telegram safe and legal?

Normal and group  exchanges in Telegram calculate on a standard  translated  pall  storehouse system, grounded on garçon-  customer  encryption- called MTProto encryption. still, when  content is stored in the Cloud, it can be accessible across   bias and this can be seen as a implicit security  threat for  the data.

Can Telegram track your  position?

still, the  position services of Telegram make it  possible if someone intends to track you, especially  through the People near  point. This  point allows  druggies  to track the  position of others if they all have enabled this  function.

How  numerous people use Telegram?

pall- grounded mobile messaging app  Telegram reported 700 million yearly active  druggies  Worldwide. Telegram is a  converse app launched, in 2013 by the ( sisters Nikolai and Pavel Durov).

How  important does a Telegram cost?

The service charge for a telegram up to  140 characters. Your name and  address on the telegram are free of charge.

How  numerous countries use Telegram?

Telegram would have been the sixthlargest  country in the world if it were a country. The app is  available for download in 155 countries, in which android   druggies can install it from Play Store.

Does anyone still use Telegram?

Ranked by the number of downloads,  Telegram is among the top 10, most popular social networks  in the world.

Why Telegram account is deleted?

As a part of its security features, Telegram accounts are  set for  tone- destruction after a certain time of inactivity. A   dereliction period is set to 6 months, meaning that if you don’t  log into your Telegram account within that time, it’ll be  deleted and your  exchanges will be gone  ever.

Why does Telegram need my phone number?  typically, when a  stoner wants to  subscribe up for a Telegram  account, they need to,  give their phone number to the  service. This is used to  corroborate the  stoner and also helps in  discovery, as in, whoever has your number can find you on  the instant messaging platform.

Can WIFI  proprietor see Telegram?

Telegram can help when it comes to data transfer and secure  Communication. This means that all data( including media  and  lines) that you  shoot and admit via Telegram can not be   decrypted when  interdicted, by your internet service  provider.

 Why do people use Telegram?

The program was created in 2013 by  Sisters( Pavel and Nicolai Durov) as an  indispensable way to communicate outside  WhatsApp. This is how you can  shoot from  dispatches,  videotape  lines, voice notes and,  much  further using its own  pall.   You can see  further information in(/ http//